Reliance Gate for trade and agencies, is an exclusive authorized representative to JLVM in AFRICA - Tanzania, Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Equatorial Guinea for the distribution, promotion and sale of products:

  • Al Jawad Internal Security Armored Vehicles.
  • Al Wahsh Armored Vehicles.
  • Discrete Armored Vehicles.


Project for the rehabilitation of aircraft belonging to the Tanzanian government. This project includes the training of pilots and the provision of all technical services for aircraft to become suitable for the performance of its duties and this is done by a cadre of academic and technical specialist.

Reliance Gate for trade and agencies, is a representative of the US Defense Agency, to purchase equipment for the Jordanian JDF to supervise its manufacture and delivery through cooperation with the Jordanian Light Machinery Manufacturing Company

Reliance Gate for trade and agencies is accredited by the HNCC US Embassy in Jordan to carry out customs clearance, transportation and delivery procedures for the items belonging to the US Army's training centers in Jordan.

Reliance Gate for trade and agencies is in cooperation with the US side, provides all logistic services in order to provide all necessary materials for the border guard’s project in cooperation with several Jordanian official bodies.

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